Worker Finds Backpack Left In Cart In Parking Lot. Makes Horrifying Discovery When He Looks Inside

In the midst of one of Arizona’s hottest weeks a newborn baby was discovered in the most heartbreaking place. Sunday evening a passerby at Food City grocery store in Tempe alerted a manager that there was an abandoned backpack left in a shopping cart in the parking lot.

The manager investigated the backpack and was shocked at what he found. A newborn baby girl, with part of the umbilical cord still attached, estimated to be only 24 hours old, was hanging on for her life.

Wrapped up in a blanket, it was unclear when the baby was dropped off and by whom. The manager immediately called the police.

As first responders traveled to the scene, the 911 call recorded the man’s care of the child. He held the baby as he waited for help to arrive.

The man was asked to check the baby’s vitals, look for injuries, and give descriptions of her well-being. The dispatcher asked the man to flick the bottom of the girl’s feet so she could hear her cry.

The sound of the baby’s cries proved that she was getting enough oxygen. When the dispatcher asked how the baby looked, the man responded, “She’s beautiful.”

The baby was taken to the hospital where she is now in good health and recovering. Tempe police are still looking for leads as to who the child’s parents are.

The Food City grocery store is located across the street from a fire department. According to Arizona’s safe haven laws, newborn babies can be dropped off at safe haven locations without fear of prosecution.

This story is also prompting awareness for adoption. Not everyone is ready to have a baby, but every baby is ready for life.

Adoption provides unsure parents a way to give their baby a chance at a better life with a family ready to take on the responsibility of a child. It also can help couples who are unable to have children start a family of their own.

The passerby and manager are being regarded as heroes in this situation for their quick thinking and excellent care of the infant until medical professionals arrived. This serves as a reminder to report unusual situations or findings.

Even if nothing is wrong, it is much better for the situation to be looked into than ignored. In this case, the observations of one man and compassionate heart of another saved a little life.