Woman Finds Mysterious Dead ‘Alien’ In Backyard (Photos)

Okay, you have to guess what this slimy looking thing is. Ready? The object was posted by a Reddit user who found it in her backyard. She was hoping someone could help her identify it – but, it just freaked most people out!

alien in backyard
Image Credit: Imgur

Not many people were able to identify it – but some people thought it could be a baby deer or cow that had been miscarried. This photo with the knife was posted by Reddit user PA2SK, who thinks the unidentified object was a deer fetus that had maybe been chewed on a little by other animals (he posted the image so we could compare).

alien in backyard
Image Credit: Photo Bucket

I don’t know what it is. All I know is that I can’t unsee the hideous thing.

Share this story and see if you have friends who can tell you what it is. I am pretty sure I don’t really want to know!