Wife’s 19-Year-Old Son Gives Step Dad A Gift. He Loses It The Minute He Takes A Look Inside

For seven years, Tyler Dukes, 20, has looked up to his stepdad Blake Wilson, 34. Blake has been a father to Tyler in every single way Tyler could have hoped for.

So for one particular holiday, Tyler decided to ask Blake a really important question. Blake never saw this coming on Father’s Day.

Tyler bought his step-dad a black wicker basket for Father’s Day, then stuffed it full of tissue paper. First, Blake pulled out a package of pens.

Then he dug around, pulling out more tissue paper. He finally latched on to a wooden framed poem that had a mysterious yellow envelope on the back.

Blake tears up reading the framed poem and then thanks Tyler. Then Blake is directed to the envelope. When he looks inside and pulls out the sheet of paper in it, he bursts into tears, hiding his face as he sobs.

Tyler, who has been incredibly close to Blake, asked his step-dad to adopt him. Tyler’s mom Angela Wilson, 36, said that Blake has been a father to Tyler since he was 13 – and that you would never know that they weren’t biological.

Screenshot via YouTube

Tyler stands up and he and Blake exchange a bear hug. Then Tyler shares more good news, which is followed by a second bear hug and more tears from both men.

Blake could not believe the second bit of information Tyler shared with him. The stepdad – soon to be adopted dad – is floored. This Macon, Georgia, family is full of tears and hugs on this special day.

Screenshot via YouTube

Watch this emotionally charged exchange of a son making a big personal request of his stepdad!