Watch as Cop Busts Window of Hot Car at Walmart. 4-Month-Old Trapped after Mom Left Him Alone for Hours

As summer starts and temperatures begin to rise, there are bound to be many stories of good Samaritans rescuing kids and animals from hot cars. It is important to remember how rapidly the temperature increases in a parked car, as too many lives have been lost because of this simple problem.

There have been many stories about being trapped in a car on the news, and yet these cases continue to happen. You would think that people would learn from the mistakes of others, yet there does not seem to be much of a decrease in the frequency of rescue stories.

There have been videos making rounds on the internet about how unbearable the heat gets in a car. People have even baked food inside a car to demonstrate how bad it can get.

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In a Walmart parking lot in Indiana, people were faced with a scary sight as they walked by a parked car. Many noticed an infant sitting in the back seat of the car, and it was hot.

A witness managed to get in touch with a police officer, and they got to work rescuing the baby. Officer Hackworth surveyed the scene, working out in his head what would be the best way to get the baby out of the car.

Officer Hackworth tried unsuccessfully to break the window with what appeared to be a crutch. He surveyed the window and looked for a better object to use.

A helpful bystander offered the use of a crowbar, and Officer Hackworth gratefully accepted the tool. It only took a few swings for the window to shatter.

The baby could be heard crying in the back seat as the officer opened the passenger door. A Walmart employee grabbed the driver side door, opened it, and pulled the car seat from the boiling car.

The sweaty baby was taken into the store to cool off. It was found that the infant had been left in the car for two and a half hours.

The infant’s mother blamed her teenage daughter for what happened. She said that the baby was put in the car without her knowing.

The baby is now in the care of Child Services, and the mother is in jail. It is all thanks to some caring bystanders that this story did not have a horrible ending.

Make sure to keep an eye out this summer with temperatures soaring! If you see something, say something.