Video: She Was Taken Back When Teen Walked Up And Grabbed Her, Quickly Figured Out Reason

After saving some money during her shopping trip at the Dollar General, Connie Belle Jenkins Sweet of Griffin, Georgia was about to head back home when she witnessed something shocking.
While in the store, she had noticed a teen lurking around a helpless old white woman. But as the old lady left the store and headed for her car, Sweet couldn’t believe what the teen started doing to her. And he thought no one was looking!

The young boy who happened to be Sweet’s nephew, Senquavious Driver, was helping a helpless old woman back to her vehicle. The old woman was 81-years-old had been shopping alone for soda when Driver noticed her and offered to help…

Sweet was overwhelmed by the teen’s generosity and snapped a few photos of him helping the old lady. She then shared the images on social media where they went viral.

“We were about to pull off and leave when she was trying to get out of her car, but she was struggling to get on the sidewalk,” Sweet said. “She barely could walk.”

Apparently, the old woman almost fell and that’s when Driver did the right thing and offered her his hand – FOX 5 reported.
“He helped her in the store and shopped with her and he walked her back out to her car,” Sweet said. “She was only going in for a soda, but she barely could even get in the store.”

The high school senior helped the old lady – and she opened up to her rescuer. She told the Griffin High School student that he had recently fallen and hurt her back and face.

“I was in tears taking pictures because he didn’t hesitate to help her, and that made my heart happy,” Sweet told us. “I’m so proud of him because I know and love the lady that raised him, my sissy.”

The young man helped the 81-year-old into the store. But he didn’t stop there. Instead of passing her off to another person, he assisted her in shopping carefully leading her up and down the aisle in order to help her make her purchase.
The woman needed a friend in that moment and this black high school senior stepped up to help.

While it is easy to stereotype people based on how they look, at the end of the day people are just people. So when people are treated differently based on the color of their skin, that isn’t fair. Why is it a surprise that a black teen helped an old woman? And what does us being shocked by that have to say about America?

The young man made his family proud. And here’s what some people shared on Facebook about the good story on

“He is a testament to good parenting, God bless this family.”

“Love and kindness comes from within, no matter what color your skin is.”

“What a caring young man. I hope others will follow his actions.”