Temperatures Are So Hot In Arizona Right Now That Everything Is Literally Melting

Arizona is known for having some high temperatures during the summertime, but this is ridiculous! At the current moment, the entire Southwestern portion of the United States is experiencing an insane heat wave, with temperatures that are skyrocketing past 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

Heat stroke is becoming more and more prevalent and citizens can’t even touch the pavement without risking a severe contact burn. Arizona has gotten hot enough to keep planes from being able to fly and while the science behind it might be difficult to break down for the layperson, one thing is for sure: this heat wave has the whole state under siege.

Plastic mailboxes cannot survive these temperatures, as the heat is melting them and causing them to bend at awkward angles. Even fences have begun to melt into the ground and if not for the myriad of dangers that are posed by this uncommon occurrence, we would stop to marvel at this astonishing sight.

Just imagine how frustrating it must be to put all of your recyclables outside like you’re supposed to, only to watch in horror as the recyclables melt away in the sun and the storage bin goes with them. Street signs aren’t even safe….good luck trying to read these sun damage markers.

You would think that a cactus would have the ability to withstand the heat, since it is a plant most commonly associated with the desert, but nope. Weather forecasters are also running out of color configurations to describe the level of heat that citizens should expect to experience.

Cookies are being baked on the hoods of cars, eggs are being fried on sidewalks, oven mitts are needed in order to drive and dogs need booties on their feet just to avoid burning their tootsies during walks. Our hearts go out to you, Arizona, and we hope you do your best to remain safe.