Royal Kids Taken To Off Limits Area, Their Whereabouts Would Put Princess Diana In Tears

Almost 20 years ago, the world paused then slipped into profound grief when it was learned that the adored and beloved Princess Diana had been involved in a car accident in Paris. Her sons were young and grew up without their mother.

So it was only fitting that in honor of her birthday, the grandchildren she never met and the sons she never had the chance to watch grow up recognized her in a special ceremony. The Princess of Wales, Princess Diana, would have turned 56 on July 1st.

Princes William and Harry, along with William’s wife the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton, gathered together for a private occasion marking their mother and mother-in-law’s birthday. The precious Prince George and precocious Princess Charlotte also were in attendance at the private service along with Diana’s family, the Spencers, at her gravesite in Northampton, England.

The hushed ceremony took place away from the public eye, but then people discovered the tear-jerking reason why her grandkids were in attendance. Sweet Princess Charlotte and Prince George had never visited their grandmother’s grave.

Now that they’re older, their parents felt they should finally meet Princess Diana, albeit sorrowfully at her gravesite. Prince Charles was not present due to other obligations.

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Princess Diana was laid to rest within a walled 500-acre park on her family’s estate, Althorp House, located 70 miles north of London. There are monuments all across Althorp House’s 13,000 acres dedicated to the beautiful princess, but her final resting place remains off limits to the public.

Family gathered on the princess’ birthday for a rededication of the cherished area after it underwent a multi-million-dollar redesign spearheaded by the princes. A statue of Princess Diana also will be erected in the public gardens at Kensington Palace, which was commissioned by her two devoted sons in time for the 20th anniversary of her passing.

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Both princes, who were 12 and 15 at the time of the accident, have spoken out publicly about the challenges they experienced growing up without their mother. Prince Harry endured panic attacks and still battles with anxiety that he says stems from his cherished mother’s passing.

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Fondly referred to as the “people’s princess,” Princess Diana was regaled by many. She had many causes and charities held near and dear to her heart, but nothing was more important to her than her two sons.

While it’s tragic that the boys did not grow up with their mother, and Prince George and Princess Charlotte will never know their grandmother, the world was blessed to have had Princess Diana gracing the globe for the years that she was alive. Prayers for the royal family in this time of sorrow as they recognize Princess Diana’s birthday and the 20th anniversary of her passing.