Rory Feek Drops Off Daughter Indy With Friend, Then Returns And Is Handed Unexpected Envelope

Rory Feek rose to fame in the country music world after winning the famous competition Can You Duet on CMT with his wife Joey in 2008. For the next 8 years Rory and Joey established a solid fan base with their own albums, and the duo had all the promises of becoming the next country music couple like Garth and Trisha, or Tim and Faith.

Happiness was short lived however when Joey received the unfortunate news that she had stage 4 cervical cancer. Joey lost her life in 2016 after a painful battle with cancer, at the young age of 40.

It’s been a year since then and Rory so far, has marched on with his career and parenthood, and frequently talks about both on his blog, This Life I Live. It’s something that he posted on there recently that has gotten people’s attention.

While away in Washington DC for a Grammy event, Rory had dropped off his daughter, Indiana, with a friend and neighbor named Jan Harris. Rory recalls:

“A few days after I got back, Indy and I were packing to make the drive home to Indiana for Easter and Jan showed up at the door with an envelope that had my name on it, along with the words ‘Happy Easter, Love Jan.'”


It might not be so unusual to see friends bring gifts especially around a holiday knowing there is a child in the house. But Jan’s gifts weren’t in a fancy basket or covered in chocolate. What the envelopes did have though, were some pictures of Indiana that Jan had taken especially for Easter.

Turns out, while Rory was in DC at his Grammy event, Jan, along with a friend, dressed young Indiana in a beautiful Easter dress, complete with a tiara, and drove to a field of flowers to capture some images of the little girl having a blast.

Even though both Jan and her friend were amateur photographers, they planned the photo-shoot perfectly during the setting sun and brought along fun props like baby chicks and a bunny that Indiana couldn’t get enough of.


Rory remembers just how speechless he was when he saw these pictures:

“When… where… I mean… how did these happen?”, I asked with a huge smile on my face – knowing that these pictures weren’t something that someone just took with an iPhone.”

Jan, with a huge smile, confessed to the whole thing but had another surprise for Rory. Jan shared that the inspiration for these pictures came from the bus trip they all took together to bid good-bye to Joey before she passed. The kindness in Joey had instigated Jan to perform one act of kindness per day.

This she had done ever since that trip. Sometimes these acts were small and towards strangers and other times they were as big as the photo shoot as a surprise for Rory and his family! The favorite part of Jan’s story for Rory however was this:

“She explained that even though she may be the one trying to bless others each day, the blessing has actually become all hers. Everything about her life has changed since last Easter, she said… there is a new joy and an excitement to her life that wasn’t there before. And you can see it when you’re around her.”


Many of us have ventured on the ambitious mission of finding the perfect gift for a loved one! Some of us have even failed miserably when yet another candle or sweater failed to deliver that wow factor we had hoped for.

For Rory however, Jan’s kindness and thoughtfulness in taking those pictures and making a permanent memento, which even included the memories of his late wife Joey, is something that no other Easter gift will possibly ever match.

And for Jan, getting so much joy out of giving something to others is perhaps the best icing on the cake!