Prank becomes a felony after entire firework display burns inside Wal-Mart

A Wal-Mart in Phoenix, Arizona was evacuated after a pair of suspects set fire to a fireworks display inside the store.

Multiple witnesses captured the blaze on video before exiting as the superstore was evacuated. “A lot of people thought they were being shot at,” said Ardell Deliz of the Phoenix Fire Department in an interview with ABC News. “We treated everyone for smoke inhalation on the scene,” she said. Fortunately no one was injured.

Diaz praised the store employees for their quick response. “This could have been deadly,” she explained, “Walmart did a great job of evacuating.” Everyone was outside of the store before first responders arrived on scene.

According to NewsBeat, the suspects face a class 2 felony, which is just below a murder charge, for arson.

The flames left extensive water and smoke damage to the store, which will require extensive renovations