Orphaned Baby Is Brought To Elephant Park, The Second Herd Spots Him Captured Footage Goes Viral

Dok Geaw the baby elephant is a little over one and a half years old. Orphaned since he was only four months old, Dok Geaw needed someone to take him under their wing.

At four months, an infant elephant still needs milk from its mother and constant care. Fortunately for Dok Geaw, rescuers from Elephant Nature Park took special care to find a new home and family.

At the nature park in Northern Thailand, herds of elephants are given reserved natural space for protection and conservation. As you will see in the video below, many elephants consider Elephant Nature Park to be their true home.

Elephants have strong communication instincts and are keenly aware of their community. This herd of elephants seems to be more than just a community, but more like a true family.

As baby Dok Geaw enters the park for the first time, an entire herd of elephants rushes over to greet him. This special scene in nature is rare and heartwarming. While Dok Geaw is initially led into a safe and secure introductory area separate from the rest of the herd, it’s astounding to watch how the other elephants physically reach out to him, trying to welcome him to his new home.

Dok Geaw will have no problem at all finding a place to call home. After his sick mother passed away, Dok Geaw has taken special interest in a certain member of his new herd, an old female elephant named Yai Bua.

Screenshot via YouTube

Now that she is more than 100 years old, Yai Bua has suffered loss, too. She’s endured the heart-wrenching loss of her babies.

Dok Geaw has no problem getting close to this grandmotherly figure for comfort. She even seems to be just as happy with his company.

Watch cute Dok Geaw’s first encounter at the park, along with the most friendly greeting you’ve ever seen!