On What Would’ve Been Steve and Terri Irwin’s 25th Wedding Anniversary, See Heartbreaking Photos

Gone too soon! There is no doubt about the fact that Steve Irwin left this world far too early in 2006 at the young age of 44.

There has been much said regarding the fact he died doing what he loved to do. His zest for adventure put him in some tight spots and it was how we came to know him.

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This June 4 would have been Steve and Terri Irwin’s 25th wedding anniversary. Terri (Raines) was visiting Australia from her native Eugene, Oregon back in 1992.

She decided to go to the Australia Zoo and there she met Steve. “I thought there was no one like this anywhere in the world” Terri Irwin stated about her first “Steve” encounter.

They were married four months later and the two honeymooned wrangling crocodiles. In fact, film from their trip became part of the first “Crocodile Hunter” episode.

The love they shared came through on screen and people picked up on it.  The life they shared was filled with adventure and the belief in making each day count.

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There was a consistency in the desire for excitement which translated into fun-filled, hair-raising moments for the audience. They were a couple “like no other” and their smiles won over fans worldwide.

You never knew what they were going to get into and they seemed to enjoy that fact as much as you did. Steve’s calmness and genuine niceness when dealing with fierce creatures gave him unique appeal.

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The Irwins had two children, Bindi and Bob. The children were introduced to excitement early and right before our eyes.

Steve and Terri led a life packed with variety and adventure. It’s too bad it could not have continued for longer.

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Terri and the children have gone on to continue Steve’s legacy. They have displayed heartfelt love and affection for a great man and his work.

They have forged ahead just as Steve would have encouraged them to do. The family continues to honor Steve’s memory and strengthen his cause regarding respect, understanding, and preservation for all of God’s creatures.

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Terri has done a wonderful job raising two beautiful children. There is no doubt that dad would have been very proud of them.

Steve and Terri set wonderful examples to follow. What they created together is amazing.

This anniversary may bring a bit of sadness as it is a reminder that “The Crocodile Hunter” is no longer with us. But it is also a reminder of all the joy he brought into this world.

A chance meeting over 25 years ago led to a union for the ages. It led to the making of a team that shared a love of nature, a love of life, and a love for family.