Mom with newborn struggles to hang on, bus driver does what the rude passengers wouldn’t

At one point in time a healthy adult man would be utterly ashamed to sit on a bus while a pregnant woman, new mother, disabled veteran, or senior citizen was forced to stand.

It may seem like those days are long gone for most cities around the world, but there are still some true gentlemen left.

While drivin a crowded bus through the streets in Chile, a bus driver noticed a mother struggling to hold both her baby and the hand rail. He continues to drive a short distance before he realizes there are no gentlemen riding with him.

Fed up, the bus driver pulls over and stands up to offer his seat to the young mother. Obviously the bus is going no where fast if the driver is standing in the aisle. Slowly but surely, some of the more embarrassed passengers understand his gesture and a woman in the back offers her seat to the struggling mother.