Mom Opens A Changing Table In A Target Bathroom, Left Speechless After Seeing Note In The Bag

When you are the parent of a small child, one of the most crucial pieces of furniture that you can own is a changing table. This is the area of the home where the child’s diapers are changed and most parents will also rely on a portable changing table in order to save a certain amount of wear and tear on their knees and back. But when we are out and about, it can be tough to predict what will happen.

There are plenty of public bathrooms that are sympathetic to the concerns of new parents who need a safe place to change their baby. So what happens once you have left the house and you realize that you do not have any diapers or wipes available? You just might luck out and find a bathroom that contains all of the goodies that you need and a group of concerned mothers is doing everything in their power to assist those who are in need.

When Joy Clyde recently went into a Target bathroom and unfolded her changing table, she never could have known about the surprise that was in store for her. While she had brought everything that she needed with her in order to change her child, she was still appreciative of the efforts that the mothers had taken and photographed the Ziploc bag that she was greeted by.

The aforementioned mothers have equipped bathrooms everywhere with Ziploc bags that are full of spare diapers and wipes. These moms know what it is like to need help and not be able to find it, so they took the initiative to provide assistance. Once Joy shared the photo that she took with her social media followers, it went viral immediately and amassed thousands of shares/likes.

Leaving diapers and wipes in public restrooms so that mothers in need can access them without having to open their pocketbook is a great way to do a good deed without expecting a reward.

While it is certainly not easy to be a parent, we can all do our part to come together and lift each other up. There is no reason why a child should ever be forced to go without the proper diapers and wipes.

If this gesture from these helpful mothers touched your soft spot, then please be sure to share this heartwarming story with your closest friends and loved ones. Perhaps some will even be inspired to replicate this kind gesture at various public restrooms in their region.