Mom Must Make Difficult Choice After Leaving Son Behind. Hides Face in Tears As Boss Opens Wallet

In any of those “What do you like best about your job” surveys, there’s one answer that’s always near the top. The employees.

Good coworkers can make a bad job tolerable. And a good job great.

Tia Benbow has one of those latter jobs. She works at a Firestone Complete Auto Care in South Carolina.

Benbow had one of “those” commutes. And every day it just seemed to be getting longer and more stressful.

It was a commute that started at 74 miles, each way.

Benbow had already moved to be closer to her work. She got the commute down to 30 miles each day, but that came at a price.

When she moved, Benbow left her teenage son at her mother’s house. She didn’t want to make him leave his school and his basketball team in the middle of the season.

When she weighed her drive against her job, it just no longer made sense to continue to take it. She talked with her co-workers about quitting because of the commute.

The store manager, Charlie Brown, and co-workers talked among themselves and decided to do something. Benbow was too good of a co-worker to lose.

More importantly, she was too good of a person. So they hatched a plan.

A collection was taken up among everyone at the shop. Everybody gave what they could.

In the end, $1,300 was collected for Benbow. The hope was that this could take some of the pressure off and allow her to continue working.

A video was shot when Benbow was presented with the gift. In the background, one of the employees can be heard perfectly summing up the feeling in the room: “We’re family, that’s family. That’s what we do.”

Benbow was overcome by emotion at the gesture telling Good Morning America “They care…they did not want me to leave. It really touched me.”