Man Loses Wife And Dog. What Family Does To Help? I’m In Tears…

When a person loses a loved one, they usually feel very lonely. Can you blame them? But imagine if they lost a loved one they have been married to for 63 years, and then shortly after, lost their beloved pet as well. Well that’s what this man had to deal with…

This older gentleman’s wife had just passed away. Not too long after, he lost his little dog too. He was so lonely, and so upset. I would be too!

So to make him feel better, his family decided to surprise him. So, they got him a little puppy to take care of and look after!

As they walk into the house, you can tell that he really wasn’t sure what was going on. But as soon as he got a closer look, he was in tears!

He held onto the puppy and began petting it, while tears were streaming down his face. his reaction was incredible, and even put me in tears!

He even asked what the pups name is, to which the little girl replied, “Snoopy.”

We are so thankful that this man has such a wonderful family who would do that for him! He is one lucky fella!

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