Jinger Duggar Wants To Help One Of Her Sisters Escape The ‘Compound’ And Join Her In Texas

Jinger Duggar Wants To Help One Of Her Sisters Escape The 'Compound' And Join Her In Texas

As yet another one of his daughters considers moving away from the family’s compound in Arkansas, Jim Bob Duggar is starting to lose control. Keep reading for more details!

As the Duggar family continues to grow, patriarch Jim Bob is starting to lose control of his adult children, who are starting to have their own lives.

According to The Hollywood Gossip, many of Jim Bob and Michelle’s children are starting to become jealous of Jinger’s newfound freedom.

As most fans already know, ever since she and husband Jeremy Vuolo moved to Texas from the family’s Arkansas “compound”, Jinger has completely blossomed.

Thanks to her big move, Jinger is now wearing pants, shorts, sleeveless shirts, and tennis shoes on a regular basis.

Now that Jinger is married to a man who doesn’t try to dictate what she wears, she seems to be much happier.

“It is your liberty as to whether you dress modestly with a modest pair of pants, or with a skirt, or with a T-shirt, or with a blouse,” Jeremy said. “It is not your liberty, women, to wear sensual, seductive clothing that is designed to draw the attention of your brothers.”

“Jesus does not save people to make them wear skirts,” he continued.

Perhaps the most noticeable change in Jinger’s life is that she has been married for nearly an entire year without having any children.

While we could never know why, many fans have speculated that Jinger and Jeremy have simply chosen to wait to have children until they feel ready.

Meanwhile, Jinger’s sisters are all still stuck under Jim Bob’s watch, despite being married themselves.

It’s hard not to be envious of Jinger’s seemingly carefree life, but one of her sisters is said to be more jealous of the rest.

According to The Hollywood Gossip, Jessa Duggar and her husband, Ben Seewald, are secretly hoping to follow in Jeremy and Jinger’s footsteps by moving away from Jim Bob in Arkansas.

On this week’s episode of Counting On, Jinger even brought up the idea of moving to Laredo, Texas to Jessa.

“We’re not set on staying here forever, but if we were to be called somewhere else, we would pack up and move,” Jessa told Jinger in a shocking clip.

Jim Bob has worked years to build his family’s dynasty, but ever since his eldest daughters tied the knot, his control seems to be slipping away.

In the past, Jeremy and Jim Bob have not seen eye to eye, but having yet another one of his daughters leave town would no doubt seal the deal on his resentment toward the young pastor.