Investor Buys Home, Plans To Demolish It – Screams For Workers To Stop When He Sees This

When you spend $800,000 you don’t want any bad surprises. You certainly don’t want anything to stop you from renovating or living in the house you just purchased. One man got a whole plethora of surprises when he bought a seemingly ordinary house in suburban Texas.

Curtis Grant bought a house named “Flower Mound” thinking he could tear it down and use the property in a larger development plan. He thought he might see a leaky roof, a bad foundation or a bad water heater. Those things really did not matter as Grant was not going to live in the house. While breaking down the walls, Grant and his construction crew found wooden legs hidden in the plaster.

They found out that the wooden legs came from a cabin from the 1860’s, old as the state of Texas. As more people found out about the legs, more information came to light. Historians confirmed that the house was built by William Gibson, a Texas pioneer during the Civil War. Locals gave the home the nickname “Long Prairie Homestead”. Grant decided that he could not tear a place of such historical significance down. Although it was not officially a historical landmark, it had already become an unofficial historical landmark in the community.

Grant has been working with local community members to deem the house a historical landmark. He has already been given a grant from the Texas Preservation Trust Fund totaling $15,000. Senator Nelson has also addressed the situation, “This is great news for our Flower Mound community. We have been closely monitoring preservation efforts once the log cabin was unearthed from within a home. The financial support the TPTF grant provides will be the first step of many to save the history of this important piece of our heritage for generations to come.”

Hopefully with the help of the property development company, Senator Nelson and the community, the property is able to gain historical significance status and stay intact forever.

Source: AWM
Photos: AWN