Here’s The Common Kitchen Item That Blew Up And Nearly Killed Her Family. You Could Be Next. Warning

Cassie Hodges is a mother three, living in Goulburn, Australia, who shared her unfortunate and dangerous experience with a pressure cooker that left her and her partner, Mark Bowerman, in body bandages.

 Warning people about the dangers of using a pressure cooker, Hodges shared her story and the images of her injuries on Facebook that have been shared over 15,000 times since the story was posted.

‘On Friday 17 of June 2016 my partner Mark decided to cook some soup,’ writes Hodges, ‘having left it too late to slow cook it he chucked it in the pressure cooker. Selected the ‘soup’ option and walked away. 25 minutes later I walked into the kitchen holding my 12 week old son…I left my son in the loungeroom to help my partner dish dinner…I walked back into the kitchen and Mark let the pressure release valve off to release the pressure, the steam came out the top as normal. Then I heard a click, suddenly I knew the lid unlocked and because it hadn’t finished releasing the pressure the lid flew off and the entire contents hit me like as if someone chucked a bucket of water at me.’

‘My partner was holding his stomach and he pulled his art back and his skin was all peeled off, I removed my singlet and ran to the shower, we called an ambulance,’ she added.

After falling a victim to severe burns all over the upper half of her body, Hodges was taken to Sydney burns unit at a local hospital where large blisters all over body were uncovered when the doctors removed the bandages.

‘I was told I had to have all my dead burnt skin removed by scraping with a rough towel and biobrane (a pig skin/fat tissue) applied immediately,’ explains Hodges.

Facebook / Cassie Hodges
 Still trying to recover from the painful injuries, Hodges insists that people should be aware of the potential dangers associated with pressure cookers and to throw them out to reduce the risks of injury. ‘These pressure cookers are not safe,’ says Hodges, ‘I want the one I used recalled and I want people to be aware of the dangers, we did nothing wrong the machine unlocked prematurely, it should stay locked and unable to be opened until the pressure is all gone.’