He Offered To Cut Homeless Man’s Hair. But The Man Was Not Expecting This

Everyone loves a good heartwarming story or video every now and then. They bring our hearts joy. And when we saw this one, we knew we just HAD to share it!

An owner of a salon in Palma De Mallorca had noticed a homeless man for a couple months. He sometimes would talk with him while he parked his car, since the homeless man, Jose Antonio, was working as a parking lot attendant.

The salon owner, Salva Garcia, would joke with Antonio, saying he would love to cut his long hair. For a while, he refused. But then one day, he changed his mind.

Antonio had been working as an unlicensed parking attendant for a while, trying to save money so he would be able to rent a room. He was hoping to soon secure full-time employment, but he realized that his “appearance” was very important to realizing his dream.

As he went into the salon, he knew that he would look different leaving, but he had no idea just how different he would look.

His hair was cut, his beard was trimmed. Hair was dyed, and well-ah. He looked like a completely new man. And when he finally looked into the mirror, he was in tears. He couldn’t believe that it was him.

When he left, even his friends had trouble identifying him. Everyone was in disbelief. He was a completely changed man.

“Before filming we interviewed him and we saw that he really wanted to change his life. He wasn’t an alcoholic or drug addict, only a person with bad luck,” said Santi Oliva, of Dr. Filmgood Audiovisual Studio, who had shot the footage.

And now, we are so proud to say, after 2 years since the drastic transformation, Jose Antonio is now living in a shared apartment, which is being partially paid for by an anonymous donor, and is actively looking for a full-time job while working his part time one.

He is trying to change his life, and is already getting there one step at a time, and we are so proud of him, and everyone who has helped him get this far.

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