Do You Have Any Of These Old Disney VHS Tapes? You Could Be Sitting On A Lot Of Money!

I have to admit that as much as I love the incredible picture quality of Blu-ray and the convenience of streaming, there’s a part of me that misses the days of VHS. There was just something so fun and charming about them. Most likely it’s because I associate them with my many fond childhood memories of trips to the local video rental store where’d I’d pick out a movie with my family. We rented one or two movies a week but if there was a movie that I really loved, I would spend the cash and add it to my modest collection. To be honest, I have no idea where my old VHS tapes are anymore and frankly, most people don’t. But if you recall ever owning any Disney VHS tapes, you better start searching because they could be worth a small fortune!

Disney has always had a thing for releasing their VHS movies in multiple editions of limited runs. And if you happen to have a rare one, you won’t believe how much some collectors are willing to pay for them: up to $10,000! For example, a rare edition of Beauty and the Beast was sold on eBay for $9,000!

Collectors typically look for editions that have unusual or defective artwork, or were produced in very limited numbers.


Check your VHS tapes for the black diamond icon that reads “The Classics” in the middle. One of these could be worth up to $250! If you see the black diamond with Disney’s signature beside it, it could be worth thousands of dollars!


There’s one older edition of The Little Mermaid VHS tape that sold for $6,000!  This particular edition was banned due to one of the turrets on the cover being considered “inappropriate.”


If you have a VHS copy of Beauty and the Beast, find out if it includes the song “Human Again.” The song was cut from later editions and so this version is in high demand by collectors!


Who would have thought these tapes could be worth so much? Make sure you share this story with your family and friends… who knows who might be sitting on a small fortune!

Source: JumbleJoy