Cop Gives Homeless Man Sandwich — Department Finds Out What Was Inside, Fires Him Instantly

Image Credit: PoliceCrimesCom / YouTube

It is one thing not to help the homeless people in your area, but to pretend to help them when in fact you are harming them is even worse. Police officer Matthew Luckhurst in San Antonio put some feces in a slice of bread and gave it to a homeless man. The San Antonio Express-News reported that Luckhurst, a five-year veteran of the force, was fired.

The police are supposed to ‘protect and serve’ not be cruel and heartless. The San Antonio Current reported that the relationship between the police and the homeless population is strained. Chief William McManus launched a homeless outreach team in the police department that is supposed to be helping connect the homeless with services.

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Most of the indigent people refused to accept the help. Then, last year, Joan Cheever was fined $2,000 for feeding the homeless out of her food truck.

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