Can You Spot Why Husband Filed For Divorce As Soon As His Wife Sent Him This Photo?

A Story has been circulating about a cheating wife who gives herself away when she sends her husband racy pictures while on a business trip. You are not going to believe this story when you read what she told him.

In photos posted on social media, a married woman’s philandering is discovered by her husband when she sends him racy pictures from her hotel room while on a business trip.

The story has no corroboration or cited source, and only identifies the wife as “Chelsea,” while never mentioning the husband’s name at all.

As they relate the story, “Chelsea” had gone away on business, when her husband requested that she send provocative pictures of her.

Using the popular image sharing site Snapchat, she sent him a number of pictures. The first one had the caption “Hotel Room! Going to Sleep Soon,” and then a second picture “One more before bed ;).”

At this point, the eagle eyed husband responded to the message, asking “Who is with you in the hotel room?”

The wife then texted “What are you talking about? I set my camera on a timer!”

At this point, the husband’s texts became angry. He responded “Stop lying Chelsea I know you’re not alone in that hotel room.”

Chelsea then texted back “Yes I am! I swear baby you know I would never cheat.”

The husband finally let loose his rage by responding “Then why there are there MEN’S BOOTS in your second snapchat. I can’t go through this again. I’m calling a lawyer!”


While some people question the validity of this story and claim it’s a hoax. Other’s have strong feelings about what happened:

“Maybe her husband was equally stupid cuz he had to look at those boots to know that she’s cheating on her.. come on.. he should have “known that from the first picture because that pic was clicked by another person as there is no timer feature in Snapchat ..”

“You can take a picture from ur normal phone camera (with timer) and then later upload it on snapchat.. fail…”

“Mens sixth sense is powerfull ! Beware ladies.”

“He should’ve remained silent and done all the leg work while she was out of town. Close all accounts, call a lawyer and get his ducks in a row.”

“The husband didn’t need to see the boots. His common sense could have told him someone is taking the photos. She is so dumb too. So he married a dumb cheating skank. It’s shocking but 40% of children is not related to their father in Society. They father growing up, is not their biological father, because the mother cheated. But the courts says they still has to pay child support. it’s not about the father, it’s about the child…😠”

“My stomach would sink if this happened to me. I wouldn’t even bother texting her back. I’d stop cold turkey and let her feel pain through silence.

What do you think of this story? Do you think it could be real or do you think it’s a hoax?