Breaking The Silence, Glenn Campbell’s Daughter Posts Heartbreaking News

When Glen Campbell announced his Alzheimer’s diagnosis during the 2012 “Goodbye Tour,” the country music world mourned together. Campbell produced, recorded and disseminated classic tunes like “Rhinestone Cowboy” and “Galveston” – and now his mind is slowly slipping away.

Campbell, who has been out of the spotlight since recording “I’m Not Gonna Miss You” in 2013, is now in the company of loved ones. The news about his health has been relatively quiet until his daughter Ashley released a sudden update…

During an emotional interview with Rolling Stone, Ashley revealed that her father’s health is declining but he’s being taken care of by the best of the best!

“My dad is currently living in a beautiful memory care facility, and he is in the late stages of Alzheimer’s.

He has aphasia, so he can’t really communicate, he can’t really understand language as we do. I kind of look at it like he can’t really receive information.
He hears just fine – he doesn’t need a hearing aid – he just has trouble processing what he hears.”

The man who once took the country music industry by storm is having trouble deciphering sounds. While it’s hard for fans to hear, there is good news for the Campbell family.

Facebook/Ashley Campbell

Ashley told Rolling Stone that her family is lucky when it comes to her father’s Alzheimer’s progression. While others with the disease are disoriented, her father is still the same happy-go-lucky guy!

“He doesn’t really use language much anymore, but we look on the bright side [because] in these late stages of Alzheimer’s, it could be very bad. It could be confusion and anger a lot of the time, which is the case for a lot of people I’ve seen.

But for him he’s just happy every day, smiles, he enjoys life and he enjoys being around people – and he loves a good piece of cake.”

Behind the memory loss, her father still remains.