Breaking: Clooney Never Wanted Kids. Hours Ago, Became Father to Twins. Names Just Released

Earlier today, celebrity couple George and Amal Clooney welcomed their newborn twins into the world. Babies Alexander and Ella, and mom, Amal, are all healthy and doing well.

George, as a first-time father, is said to be “sedated and should recover in a few days,” according to a humorous quote released shortly after the birth. The twins are also human rights lawyer Amal Clooney’s first children.

George and Amal had expressed their excitement for their babies in previous interviews. “It’s going to be an adventure,” said George, “we’ve sort of embraced it all with arms wide open.”

The couple, who was married in 2014 in Venice, confirmed the pregnancy announcement rumors in February. George and Amal casually told TV journalist and good friend Julie Chen they were expecting.

Chen decided that as long as the Clooneys were comfortable with the news being announced, it was time to go public. Hollywood was excited to welcome another set of twins to the spotlight. Earlier that same month, Beyonce announced she and husband Jay-Z were expecting twins.

It was evident that the birth of Alexander and Ella was around the corner when George did not attend the Aurora Prize Event, which he co-founded. “If I came and my wife had twins while I was away I could never come home,” George joked via video link for the event.

Now that the twins are born, their names are being wildly discussed. George said in an interview that he and Amal would not share name ideas until the twins were born.

In an effort to not be swayed by other opinions, Alexander and Ella’s precious names were kept secret. It is clear that these names are fairly traditional for a Hollywood couple, but they also have beautiful meanings.

Alexander, a Greek name, means “defender of men.” Many powerful men in history have shared this name, including eight popes and three Russian emperors.

Ella, an English name, can mean “beautiful fairy woman” or “light” if shortened for Eleanor or Ellen. Ella has become an increasingly popular name among baby girls in recent years.

No word yet on nicknames for the twins, but for now Alexander and Ella will suit them just fine. Save any complications, both mom and babies should be able to go home soon.

George and Amal are certainly excited to enter into parenthood with their little ones. Only time will tell if Alexander and Ella have a talent for film like their dad or a strong and persuasive mind like their mom, but until then many of us are anxious for the first adorable photos to be released.