After Deer Smashes into Motorcycle, Cop Arrives on Scene. Jaw Drops Over What’s Lying in Ditch

When you travel on the quieter roads of the country, people often warn you to watch out for deer. It is common knowledge that you never want to hit one.

But that instinct often has less to do with not hurting the animal than it has to do with protecting a person’s car and wallet. The damage from a deer collision can be expensive to repair.

Between accidents and the number of deer eating homeowners’ plants and gardens, many people have begun to see the animals as a nuisance. A recent deer story, though, had a twist that has touched a soft spot for some.

Earlier this month, a car hit an adult deer in the Barkers Creek area of North Carolina. A trooper for the North Carolina Highway Patrol was called to the scene of the accident.

You can imagine that it might have been a situation any experienced trooper would have handled again and again. But on this day, the routine call ended up being not so routine.

The deer, they realized, had been pregnant. Although she died from the collision, she gave birth to a fawn.

Trooper Rocky Dietz found the fawn alive in a ditch and could not walk away. “I had to do something with it to give it a fair chance,” he told The Sylva Herald.

The father of two took the newborn and wrapped it in a yellow cloth. In a photo, it looked as though the fawn’s coat was still wet, fresh from its mother.

Dietz, who from his Facebook page appeared to be an avid hunter, gave the fawn a name: Buckshot. Then he took Buckshot home to his family.

The family gave it goat formula and taught it to walk. It is illegal to keep a wild deer in captivity in North Carolina, and The Sylva Herald reported that Dietz would be taking Buckshot to a fawn rehabilitation center.

Community members read the story on Facebook and replied with delight. “Good job, Rocky Deitz! You have a heart just like your mom!” one woman wrote.

Others are happy to hear some good news. “This is what we need more of in this world,” another woman wrote.

The driver of the car was not harmed but will have to pay roughly $1,800 in repairs. For once, though, few seem to be focused on that — after all, who wouldn’t melt at the sight of Bambi?